Library Update

Database update files are sent to the Copac team by the main contributing libraries on a regular basis. The update files contain records for new materials, as well as changes to existing records and the deletion of records for items which have been withdrawn from the library.

The frequency with which libraries send us their updates can vary depending on the size of the library and level of cataloguing activity. Updates are not currently supplied for some libraries where we only have records for their special collections. The Cathedral Libraries catalogue is a historic catalogue, it is not updated and may not reflect the current collection in those libraries.

Where a library is in the process of changing its library system they may stop sending updates for a while until they are able to supply a new copy of their catalogue.

The table below shows the most recent date on which we began processing an update from each contributor. Processing of deleted records and amended records is carried out overnight. New records are added over the weekend and become available on the Monday following their arrival. So, depending on when an update arrives, it can take about a week for all the record changes in the update to be reflected on Copac. When we are loading a large new catalogue, or reloading a very large catalogue, this can cause an update backlog and it may take longer for all the changes in the updates to be reflected on Copac.

Date last update supplied by each contributing library
Aberdeen University 15-Jan-2018
Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales 14-Aug-2013
Bangor University 15-Jan-2018
Birmingham University 20-Oct-2016
Bishopsgate Library 16-Jun-2017
Bradford (REES & Special Collections) 12-Jan-2018
Bristol University 12-Jan-2018
British Library 12-Jan-2018
British Library 12-Jan-2018
British Museum 14-Dec-2017
British School at Athens 3-Feb-2017
British School at Rome 19-Nov-2017
Brunel University London (Special Collections) 9-Mar-2015
Cambridge (Special collections) 20-Dec-2017
Cambridge University 15-Dec-2016
Cardiff University 15-Jan-2018
Cathedral Libraries (Heritage Catalogue) Static Catalogue
Chetham's Library 21-Oct-2015
City of London, Guildhall Library 2-Dec-2015
Courtauld Institute of Art 15-Jan-2018
Cranfield University 20-Dec-2017
Durham University 11-Dec-2015
Edinburgh University 30-May-2017
Essex University 17-Mar-2017
Exeter University 15-Jan-2018
French Institute 6-Jan-2017
Glasgow University 12-Jan-2018
Henry Moore Institute 4-Oct-2017
Historical Texts 19-May-2016
Horniman Library 12-Apr-2017
Humanist Library and Archives 11-Nov-2013
Imperial College 13-Jan-2018
Imperial War Museum 19-Jul-2013
Institute of Ismaili Studies & ISMC Library 15-Aug-2017
Institution of Civil Engineers 8-Nov-2017
Institution of Mechanical Engineers 25-Aug-2017
King's College London 9-Dec-2015
Lambeth Palace 5-Jan-2018
Leeds University 15-Jan-2018
Leicester 5-Jan-2018
Leighton Library Static Catalogue
Liverpool University 20-Oct-2017
London Library 15-Jan-2018
London Metropolitan University 15-Jan-2018
London School of Economics 15-Jan-2018
Manchester University 13-Jan-2018
Mathematical Association 18-Mar-2017
Middle Temple Library 27-Jul-2013
National Aerospace Library 2-Aug-2016
National Coal Mining Museum for England 15-Nov-2017
National Library of Scotland 16-Jan-2018
National Library of Wales 28-Feb-2014
National Maritime Museum 2-Apr-2015
National Portrait Gallery 31-Jul-2017
National Trust 14-Sep-2017
Natural History Museum 5-Jan-2018
Newcastle University 7-Jul-2017
Northumbria University 15-Jan-2018
Nottingham University 5-Jan-2018
Oxford University 12-Jan-2018
Paul Mellon Centre 5-Apr-2017
Queen Mary, University of London 19-Dec-2017
Queen's University Belfast 10-Jun-2017
Reading University 15-Jan-2018
Register of Preservation Surrogates 23-Nov-2016
Royal Academy of Arts 21-Jun-2014
Royal Academy of Music 20-Dec-2017
Royal Asiatic Society 7-Nov-2017
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 10-Feb-2017
Royal College of Music 19-Dec-2017
Royal College of Nursing 7-Jan-2018
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow 27-Jul-2014
Royal College of Physicians of London 15-Jan-2018
Royal College of Psychiatrists 12-Jul-2015
Royal College of Surgeons 22-Aug-2017
Royal Holloway, University of London 15-Jan-2018
Royal Society 11-Mar-2014
SOAS 12-Jan-2018
Science Museum Library 20-Dec-2017
Scott Polar Research Institute (REES Collection) Static Catalogue
Scottish Ornithologists' Club 24-Sep-2015
Sheffield University 15-Jan-2018
Society of Antiquaries of London 7-Apr-2016
Society of Friends 6-Oct-2017
Southampton University 12-Jan-2018
St Andrews University 15-Jan-2018
St. Georges Chapel Static Catalogue
Sussex University 15-Jan-2018
Tate Library (Tate Britain) 14-Dec-2017
The National Archives Library 19-Dec-2017
Trinity College Dublin 18-Dec-2017
UCL Institute of Education, University of London 28-Oct-2017
University College London 28-Oct-2017
University of London 20-Oct-2017
University of Wales, Trinity Saint David 28-Jul-2013
V&A Libraries 7-Feb-2014
Warwick University 14-Nov-2017
Wellcome Library 14-Nov-2017
Wiener Library 2-Mar-2016
York University 15-Jan-2018
Zoological Society of London 6-Dec-2016