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Website: http://www.ed.ac.uk/information-services/library-museum-gallery Interlibrary Loan enquiries: webill@ed.ac.uk
General enquiries: IS.Helpline@ed.ac.uk Tel: 0131 650 3409

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About the library

Edinburgh University Library was established in 1580 when Clement Litill, an Edinburgh Advocate, died, bequeathing his collection of 276 volumes to the Toun and Kirk of Edinburgh. A year after the founding of the Tounis College, now the University of Edinburgh, in 1583, these books were handed over to the College as a library for the College and for the public.

The library now operates across a number of sites, the main sites are:

  • Main Library - This is the largest site and holds primary collections for the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine and Informatics. It also contains general collections, older books and periodical s for all subjects and the majority of the Special Collections and Archives.
  • The Lady Smith of Kelvin Veterinary Library - holds the University's veterinary medicine collections. This includes material covering pre-clinical veterinary medicine, biology and allied sciences, animal production and health, animal welfare, parasitology, small and large animal medicine, exotic animal medicine and equine medicine.
  • Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library - holds the University's principal printed book collections in biology, chemistry, engineering, geosciences, mathematics, physics and statistics as well as the Edinburgh Mathematical Society's book collection.
  • Law and Europa Library - The Europa Library is a designated European Documentation Centre.
  • Moray House Library - Contains materials relating to Education, Psychology, English Language Teaching, Physical Education, Sports Sciences, Leisure Studies and Recreational studies.
  • New College Library - Serves the School of Divinity and is one of the largest theology libraries in the UK.
  • Roslin Institute Library - holds material on animal biology
  • Royal Infirmary Library
  • Scottish Studies Library - Contains collections in support of teaching and research in Scottish Ethnography.
  • Western General Hospital Library

Links to all the libraries can be found on the website.

The local library catalogue is available online.

British Library Interlibrary Loan Codes

  • Main Library: G2
  • Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library: G2
  • Lady Smith of Kelvin Veterinary Library: G2
  • Law and Europa Library: G2
  • Library Annexe: G2
  • Moray House Library: G2
  • New College Library: G2
  • Roslin Institute Library: J2
  • Royal Infirmary Library: F2
  • Scottish Studies Library: G2
  • Western General Hospital Library: F2

Accessing materials

Can I see live document availability on Copac? Yes. The Copac local holdings display will tell you if a document is currently on-loan, reference only etc. as well giving you local location details.

Can I obtain items via Inter Library Loan? Yes, subject to the library's local lending policy. You have to request an inter-library loan via a library of which you are a member. Talk to your own library staff about whether they think the document you need is likely to be available for loan and for advice on making an inter-library loan request.

Can I visit the library to view materials? Yes - visit the library's web site for access details. If you wish to visit it is advisable to contact the library in advance to ensure the material you need will be available.

How do I find primary source material held at this institution? Visit the University of Edinburgh's contributor page at the Archives Hub for information.


University of Edinburgh data on Copac

Example record from the University of Edinburgh:

Explanatory lecture on visible speech, the science of universal alphabetics : delivered before the College of Preceptors, Feb. 9, 1870 / by Alex. Melville Bell.
  Published: London : Simpkin, Marshall & Co. ... 1870

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