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The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the professional body for psychiatrists in the UK and Ireland. It began in 1841 as the Association of Medical Asylums and Hospitals for the Insane. In 1926 it received its Royal Charter to become the Royal Medico Psychological Association and it finally became the Royal College of Psychiatrists after receiving a Supplemental Charter in 1971.

The Antiquarian book collection consists of English, German and French language books which were donated to the predecessor bodies of the College between 1895 and 1971. Some of the books in the collection date back to the 15th century. Most of the books are from the working libraries of doctors Daniel Hack Tuke, J. R. Lord, C Lockhart Robertson and J. R. Whitwell, T Hyslop, P.W. MacDonald, H. H. Newington, Professor Pighini, R. H. H. Sankey, G Smith, W Starkey, H Yellowlees, and others. The books were either written or edited by notable authors such as Daniel Hack Tuke, Forbes Winslow, Henry Maudsley, John Connolly, Emil Kraepelin and many others.

The collection is a great source of information for the study of psychiatry and psychology. The subjects covered include The structure, functions and diseases of the brain; Causes and cures of nervous disorders; Administration of asylums; Philosophy and anatomy of sleep; Causes, prevention and treatment of mental disorders; Habitual drunkenness.

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Title: Abugalii filii Sinae, siue, ... Avicennae ... De morbis mentis tractatus ..., Interprete Petro Vatterio ...
   Published: Parisiis : Apud Interpretem ..., et Apud Io. Huart 1659

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