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The Royal Society is a Fellowship of the world's most distinguished scientists, which promotes the advancement of science and its use for the benefit of humanity and the good of the planet. Founded in 1660, the Society has three roles: as the UK academy of science promoting the natural and applied sciences, as a learned society, and as a funding agency.

The Library sits within the Royal Society Centre for History of Science, and contains over 70,000 titles published from the 1470s to the present day. The main strength of the collections is in the 17th and 18th centuries; from the 1680s to the mid 19th century the policy of the Library was to acquire every important scientific publication. The Centre also holds significant scientific archives, and a collection of images which includes over 6,000 photographs, engravings and paintings of past and present scientists.

The local library catalogue is available online.

British Library Interlibrary Loan Codes

  • Royal Society Library: G4

Accessing materials

Can I see live document availability on Copac? No

Can I obtain items via Inter Library Loan? Only books published since 1950.

Can I visit the library to view materials? Yes, see the library website for details.

How do I find primary source material held at this institution? Visit the Royal Society's contributor page at the Archives Hub for more information.


The Royal Society data on Copac

Example record from the Royal Society Library:

Title: Joannis RAII Synopsis methodica stirpium Britannicarum, tum indigenis, tum in agris cultis locis suis dispositis; additis generum characteristicis, specierum descriptionibus & virium epitome... multis locis emendata, & quadringentis quinquaginta circiter speciebus noviter detectis aucta (by J.J.DILLENIUS)
  Edition: Editio tertia.
  Published: London : impensis Gulielmi & Joannis Innys, 1724.

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