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About the library

Senate House Libraries at the University of London constitutes the Senate House Library and those at the Institutes of the School of Advanced Study. The libraries hold approximately 3 million volumes. The catalogues of the following libraries are available on Copac:

  • Senate House Library: The Library is one of the largest UK academic libraries focused on humanities and social sciences. Its holdings concentrate on the Arts, humanities and social sciences but also holds significant collections in the history and philosophy of science, technology and medicine
  • Heythrop College Library: Heythrop is a specialist theology and philosophy college and the library dates back to its founding in 1614. The library contains collections covering philosophy, psychology, theology, history, social sciences, language and literature.
  • Bibliographical Society Library: Housed in Senate House Library

The following are members of the School of Advanced Study:

  • Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Library: The library is a valuable national and international resource for legal research. The collections focus on common law, civil law and Roman-Dutch law systems throughout the world and include material in western European languages for all jurisdictions for comparative and general reference purposes.
  • Institute of Classical Studies Library: holds the joint libraries of the Hellenic and Roman Societies and provides materials for all aspects of classical studies research
  • Institute of Commonwealth Studies Library: Holds materials for researching the Commonwealth as a whole and its member states including history, politics and international relations and other subjects such as agriculture, education, the environment and social questions.
  • Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies Library
  • Institute of Historical Research Library: The core of the library is a comprehensive collection of the chief printed primary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles and Western Europe, their colonial expansion, the subsequent history of North and South America, international relations and war.
  • Institute for the Study of the Americas Library: holds Latin American materials with a particular focus on humanities and social sciences
  • Warburg Institute Library: The aim of the Warburg Institute Library is not to cover any one discipline exhaustively but to bring as much and as diverse information as possible to bear on specific problems. The holdings are classified in four sections: social and political history; religion, history of science and philosophy; literature, books, libraries and education; and history of art.
  • Wallace Collection (associate members of the School). Holds material that reflects the strengths of the museum's collections.

The ULRLS catalogue is available online.

British Library Interlibrary Loan Codes

  • Senate House: F2
  • Senate House Interlibrary Loans: G4
  • Heythrop College Library: G2

Accessing materials

Can I see live document availability on Copac? Yes. The Copac local holdings display will tell you if a document is currently on-loan, reference only etc. as well giving you local location details.

Can I obtain items via Inter Library Loan? Yes, subject to the library's local lending policy. You have to request an inter-library loan via a library of which you are a member. Talk to your own library staff about whether they think the document you need is likely to be available for loan and for advice on making an inter-library loan request.

Can I visit the library to view materials? Yes - visit the library's web site for access details. If you wish to visit it is advisable to contact the library in advance to ensure the material you need will be available.

How do I find primary source material held at this institution? Visit the University of London's contributor page at the Archives Hub for information.


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Senate House Libraries data on Copac

Example record from the Senate House Libraries, University of London:

Title: Some yeares travels into divers parts of Asia and Afrique : Describing especially the two famous empires, the Persian, and the great Mogull: weaved with the history of these later times as also, many rich and spatious kingdomes in the orientall India, and other parts of Asia; together with the adjacent iles. Severally relating the religion, language, qualities, customes, habit, descent, fashions, and other observations touching them. With a revivall of the first discoverer of America.. / [By Herbert, Thomas Sir 1606-1682.]
  Published: London : Printed by R[ichard] Bi[sho]p. for Iacob Blome and Richard Bishop. 1638

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