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The largest cathedral library in the UK, the library at York Minster holds over 130,000 items. Monograph and journal holdings cover subjects such as theology, art history, stained glass, history, literature and religion. A substantial number of printed books are pre-1800, and the library also holds over 100 incunables. The library also holds special collections including a comprehensive collection of material on the history of York and Yorkshire; a collection of 16th-20th century printed and manuscript music; and a large collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century theatre playbills.

The local library catalogue is available online, as part of the University of York catalogue. Using the 'Advanced Search' option on the Library Catalogue search, choose 'Search Scope' and then 'York Minster Library' from the drop-down box.

Accessing materials

Can I see live document availability on Copac? No.

Can I obtain items via Inter Library Loan? No, but copies of material are available, subject to a small fee and copyright regulations. Please see the Using the collections web page for details.

Can I visit the library to view materials? Yes - visit the library's web site for access details. If you wish to visit it is advisable to contact the library in advance to ensure the material you need will be available.


York Minster data on Copac

Example record from York Minster Library:

Iacobi Latomi sacræ theologiæ apud Louanienses professoris celeberrimi Opera : quae præcipue aduersus horum temporum hæreses eruditissimè, ac singulari iudicio conscripsit, ab innumeris vitiis, quibus scatebant, diligenter repurgata. Quibus accesserunt eiusdem authoris alia quædam opuscula, nunquam antehac typis excusa. Cum indice copiosissimo.. / [By Latomus, Jacobus 1475-1544.]
  Published: Louanii : Excudebat Bartholomæus Grauius suis impensis, Petri Phalesij, ac Martini Rotarij. Anno M.D.L. Iulij XXIX

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