Meet the team

Mark Cannon


Mark initially joined the Copac team in 2008 as a programmer. He has worked on a range of interface and other Copac development project activity and is now involved in some of the contributor data processing.

Mark's primary responsibility is the maintainance of the Zetoc service as well as carrying out ongoing Zetoc developments.

Shirley Cousins

Copac Manager

Shirley is responsible for the day-to-day running of Copac, overseeing operations, and heading up the team. She works with the team to ensure that strategic aims are realised in practical applications. Shirley also carries out project management for the varied development projects in which the Copac team is involved, both for Copac and the related Zetoc service, as well as participating in the design and development of the services, including the Copac Collections Management tools activity.

Shirley is a chartered librarian, with a background in research and teaching of information retrieval at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She has been with Copac from the inception of the service, being one of the key players in its establishment.

Diana Massam

Copac Collection Management Tools: project manager

Diana is responsible for managing the transition of the Copac Collection Management Tools project into service and for the ongoing enhancement of the interface in consultation with the community.

Diana came to Mimas (now part of Jisc) in 2007 with a background in management of academic library services. Previously she worked at Manchester Metropolitan University Library as a senior manager. At Mimas she worked as a manager on a variety of projects working with the library community, academics and the charity sector, before joining the Copac team.

Jane Ronson

Content Development & User Support

Jane's role is centred around data processing, training, user support and outreach activities for both Copac and the Archives Hub.

Jane originally joined the University of Manchester in 2000, when she moved from the financial sector to to be a Research Project Assistant at the Medical School. She then became a Specialist Library Assistant at Manchester Business School and undertook her MA Librarianship. Jane began work at Mimas in 2008 as Development Officer for the bibliographic services Web of Knowledge and Zetoc. She is in the process of becoming a Chartered member of CILIP and is a Mentor in the University's staff mentoring programme.

Bethan Ruddock

Content Development

Bethan is involved in content development and project management activity for Copac, Copac Collections Management Tools, the Archives Hub, and library and learning analytics. A chartered librarian, Bethan joined Mimas in 2008 when she started working with Copac to incorporate specialist libraries.

Bethan is actively involved in a number of professional bodies, including CILIP and SLA, where she is currently serving on the Board of Directors. She is the author of The New Professional's Toolkit (Facet, 2012).

Ashley Sanders

Database Programmer

Another team member who has been with Copac since its foundation, Ashley developed Copac with its varied interfaces. He provides technical support and ensures everything runs smoothly. Ashley is responsible for the ongoing technical development of Copac, as well as being involved in related projects.

Ashley has recently had to learn how to manage machines in Amazon’s Cloud environment and is now also the Oracle Database Administrator.

Peiyao Shao


Peiyao has been part of the Copac team since the development of the service in 1996. She is responsible for contributor data processing in collaboration with Content Development staff; this data standardisation activity underpins the Copac database and powers the RLUK database service.

Peiyao is also involved in work to streamline contributor data processing, as well as having responsibility for developing and maintaining the Copac Collection Management Tools Web interface.