SRU interface

The SRU interface

There is a Copac SRU server. This has been implemented with the Index Data YAZ Proxy which provides for both SRU via HTTP GET and SRU via HTTP SOAP.

The Copac SRU interface is accessible at:
If you try it please let us know how you get on with it. Searching uses Dublin Core Metadata Terms and CQL

As an example, the following SRU URL does a search for "railway" and requests 1 record:

To know how to format the query look at the CQL documentation on the SRU website.

Record schemas

The default Copac record format is the MODS XML format. Other record formats are available through the Web, Z39.50, and OpenURL interfaces.

Copac MODS XML example record

<mods xsi:schemaLocation="">
  <recordIdentifier source="copac">26001134826</recordIdentifier>
  <dateIssued encoding="marc">2007</dateIssued>
   <placeTerm type="text">Basel, Switzerland :</placeTerm>
  <publisher>Bank for International Settlements,</publisher>
  <title>The tail wags the dog</title>
  <subTitle>time-varying information shares in the Bund market</subTitle>
 <note type="statement of responsibility">by Christian Upper and Thomas Werner.</note>
 <name type="personal">
  <namePart>Upper, Christian.</namePart>
   <roleTerm type="text">creator</roleTerm>
 <name type="personal">
  <namePart>Werner, Thomas.</namePart>
 <name type="corporate">
  <namePart>Bank for International Settlements.</namePart>
  <namePart>Monetary and Economic Dept.</namePart>
 <relatedItem type="series">
  <title>BIS working papers ; no. 224</title>
  <languageTerm type="text">English</languageTerm>
 <note>"Monetary and Economic Department"</note>
 <note>Includes bibliographical references.</note>
 <note>Online version available.</note>
  <extent>v, 37 p. ; 30 cm.</extent>
 <genre authority="marcgt">Bibliography</genre>
 <classification authority="ddc" edition="22">332.6323</classification>
   <h:org type="CURL" displayName="London School of Economics">LSE</h:org>
     <h:loc displayName="Intergovernmental Organisations - Normal Loan">IGO_NORM</h:loc>
     <h:shelfmark>BIS (38/224)</h:shelfmark>
   <h:org type="CURL" displayName="Aberdeen">Abn</h:org>
    <h:loc displayName="Queen Mother Library [Floor 1 General] (Standard Loan)">QML B1</h:loc>
    <h:shelfmark>p332.6323 Upp</h:shelfmark>

Supported attributes

The search supports the following Dublin Core Metadata Terms and CQL. Requests are converted to Bib-1 attributes. The conversion may not always be exact. Not all combinations may be supported.

Supported Use Attributes
Index Equivalent BIB-1 Use attribute
cql.serverChoice 1016 12
dc.title 4
dc.subject 21
dc.creator 1003 1003
dc.editor 1020
dc.publisher 1018
dc.description 62 30
dc.resourceType 1031
dc.format 1034
dc.resourceIdentifier 12
dc.language 54
Supported Relation Attributes
CQL Equivalent BIB-1 Relation attribute
< 1
le 2
eq 3
exact 3
ge 4
> 5
<> 6
all 3
any 3
Supported Structure attributes
CQL Equivalent BIB-1 Structure attribute
exact 108 (string)
all 2
any 2
* 1 (phrase)
Supported Truncation attributes
CQL Equivalent BIB-1 truncation attribute
right 1
none 100
Bath Profile support
Index Equivalent BIB-1 Use attribute
bath.keyTitle 33
bath.possessingInstitution 56 (Search using contributor code) 1002
bath.personalName 1
bath.corporateName 2
bath.conferenceName 3
bath.uniformTitle 6
bath.isbn 7
bath.issn 8
bath.geographicName 58
bath.notes 63
bath.topicalSubject 1079
bath.genreForm 1075