Search History

When you are signed in to Copac every search you do is automatically saved in your Search History.

The sign in option is currently only available to members of UK academic institutions

To View your Search History click on at the top of the screen.

Using the Search History you can:

  • Review your research activity and retain searches for re-use.
  • Re-run a search: Select the search terms to re-run the search and view the results.
  • Edit a search: Select the [Edit] option to return to the search screen; you can now amend and/or re-run your search.
  • Add a Note: Type in the Note box and enter your note. Select the Save button when you have finished.
  • Amend Tags: Tags will automatically be added from your search terms. Type in the Tag box to delete/amend existing tags and add your own.
    Add a comma between different Tags eg: jules verne, journey will be treated as two separate tags 'jules verne' and 'journey';
    Select the Save button when you have finished.
  • Delete entries: select the tick box on the left of any entry that you want to delete from the current screen. Select the Delete selected button when you have finished. This removes the selected entries from the list. Note: this is permanent!
    At the moment you need to select and delete entries screen by screen.

If you are signed into Copac you can also develop a personal list of references using My References

Help and Advice

For help or more information contact the Copac Helpdesk:

Twitter: @copac