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[Proceedings] ... 26th-29th May, 1985, at Salamander Bay, Port Stephens, N.S.W., Australia / edited by P. Ghosh.

  • Basel : Birkhäuser 1985
  • 3764317752
  • Selection of papers presented at the XVI International Congress of Rheumatology Satellite Symposium "Recent Advances in Connective Tissue Research".
  • Contributors.- Changes in Cartilage Proteoglycan Structure During Ageing: Origin and Effects - A Review.- The Mechanisms of Cartilage Catabolism.- The Possible Role of Synovial Factors in Cartilage Destruction.- Mononuclear Cell Factor Modulates the Concomitant Release of Proteoglycan Latent Proteinase by Human Articular Cartilage in Organ Cutlure.- Responses of Human Synovial Fibroblasts to Mononuclear Cell Factors and Retinoic Acid.- The Effects of Some Polysulphated Polysaccharides on Hyaluronate (HA) Synthesis by Human Synovial Fibroblasts.- Degradation of Cartilage Matrix by Purified Elastase and Its Control by an Endogenous Purified Specific Cartilage Elastase Inhibitor.- Variation with Ageing and Degeneration of the Serine and Cystein Proteinase Inhibitors of Human Articular Cartilage.- Neutrophil Enzymes, Antiproteases, and Oxygen Radicals: Interaction in Cartilage Proteoglycan Degradation and Effect of D-Penicillamine.- Amplification of Oxyradicals by Eicosanoid Synthesis.- The Generation of Reducing ends by Exposure of Hyaluronic Acid to Oxygen Derived Free Radicals.- An Assay for Proteoglycanase and Its Application to Cultured Articular Chondrocytes.- Fine Epitope Spicifity of Murine Monoclonal Antibodies Reacting with Rabbit Cartilage Proteoglycan.- Articular Cartilage Proteoglycans Immunoreactive with an Antibody to Skin Proteodermatan Sulfate Core Protein.- Identification and Isolation of the Major Glycoprotein Antigen Associated with Elastic Fibre Microfibrils.- Increased Prevalence of Mitral Valve Prolapse Associated with an Elevated Skin Type III/III+I Collagen Ratio in Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.- The Effect of Interleukin-l on Connective Tissue Metabolism and Its Relevance to Arthritis.
  • The contri buti ons to the workshops inc 1 uded short revi ews by i nvi ted speakers as well as research papers sel ected by the Chai nnen from the poster abstracts received. The afternoons were free for discussion and recreation but delegates reassanbled with the help of Hunter Valley Wines two hours before dinner to review the many posters presented. On the evenings of the 27th and 28th May, four review lectures were given by J. Dingle (The role of messengers of the IL-I/Catabolin type in cartilage turnover), R. Poole (Immunochemistry as applied to the study of connective tissues), W. Comper (Biophysical aspects of fluid movement in proteoglycan matrices) and P. Roughl ey (Cha nges in proteoglycan structure duri ng cartil age agei ng - ori gi n and effects). The workshop sessions and review lectures, while intense, provided much new data in the areas defined and provided useful debates on controversial issues, which in some instances still remain unresolved. However, the relaxed, informal atmosphere of the Salamander Bay resort provided the greatest incentive for open discussion, the renewal of old, and establishment of new, friendships, all of which are important aspects of our scientific community. While it was not possible to publish all the papers presented at the Salamander Bay Symposium, I trust that those contained herei n will provide some indication of the overall quality and scope of the meeting. Peter Ghosh President C.T.S.A.N.Z.
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