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Children's books, drawings and juvenilia. 1976 Feb. 25-27.

  • London
Physical description
  • Sale code: SHR10.
  • Place of sale: London.
  • Including The poetic garland, 4 vol., containing 33 publications by John Harris, 1806-09; Lady Eleanor Fenn's Cobwebs to catch flies, 2 vol., c.1790; The death and burial of cock robin, Litchfield, c.1797; William Godwin's Life of Lady Jane Grey, 1806; The butterfly's birthday, 1808; natural history of British quadrupeds, etc., 7 vol., Alnwick, c.1810; Nathaniel Numeral's Novel notions of acquiring a knowledge of numeration, 1817; Lewis Carroll's Alice in wonderland, first published edition, 1866, and Through the looking glass, first edition, 1872, uniformly bound; books illustrated by E.V. Boyle, Crane (including a complete set of his picture books), Dulac, Greenaway, Nielsen, Parrish, Rackham, Wain, and others; a wide variety of comics, including large collections of adventure, Champion, Eagle, Gem, Hotspur, Knockout, Magnet, Mickey Mouse weekly, Radio fun, Rover, Wizard, and others; miniature books including Boreman's Cathedral of St. Paul's, 2 vol., 1741; chapbooks; playing cards; jigsaw puzzles; moving picture books, including Meggendorfer's Scenes in the life of a masher, c.1890; panoramas, including Cruikshank's Going to a fight, 1819; and drawings by Kate Greenway, Kathleen Hale, Arthur Rackham, and others, including a number for publications by John Harris.
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