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Children's books, drawings and juvenilia. 1979 Apr. 5-6.

  • London
Physical description
  • Sale code: SHR13.
  • Place of sale: London.
  • Including The Newtonian system of philosophy, by Tom Telescope, first edition, J. Newbery, 1761; The history of Little Goody Two-Shoes, T. Carnan, 1783; Roscoe's The butterfly's ball, first issue, 1807, and seven sequels; Jane and Ann Taylor's The linnet's life, first edition, 1822; a presentation copy of the first published edition of Lewis Carroll's Alice's adventures in wonderland, 1866; G.A. Henty's The march to Coomassie, 1874; and works written or illustrated by Caldecott, Crane, Detmold, Dulac, Greenaway, Jessie M. King, Marryat, Milne, Nicholson, Nielsen, Beatrix Potter, Rackham, the Robinsons, and others; reference books, including Field's Edward Lear on my shelves, 1933; miniature books, including Calendarium Londinense verum for ye year 1684; chapbooks; an extensive collection of protean views and transformations; The speaking picture book, (c.1900); panoramas, including Pictorial Humpty Dumpty, 1843; and Rowlandson's (Rustic scenes, ?1799); peepshows; playing cards, including a large collection of De La Rue cards with specially designed backs, and a large collection of commemorative packs issued by the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards; drawings by Dulac, Greenaway, Jessie M. King, Beatrix Potter, Rackham, Rowntree, G.E. Studdy, M.V. Wheelhouse, Alice B. Woodward, and others.
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