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Copac Home Page

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  • Copac blog: Catch up with the latest news; see and comment on technical developments as they are underway; have a window into our involvement in the wider development community.


An overview of the Copac service including:

  • Contact details
  • Meet the team
  • Libraries: A list of our contributing libraries with an information page for each library, plus:

    • New libraries: Details of libraries whose catalogue's are scheduled for inclusion on Copac.
    • Library update
      A listing of the latest update dates from our our contributors.
    • Location map: A distribution map showing all Copac contributors.


Guidence about using Copac, including:

  • Quick guide: a short guide to using the Copac Web interface.
  • User guide: a more detailed guide to using the Copac Web Interface
  • Map guide: a short guide to using the Copac Map Search interface
  • Other ways to search Copac: Search Copac using our plugins for Firefox, IE, and iGoogle; or access Copac through EndNote and Reference Manager.


Information likely to be of most interest to library staff, including:


Access Copac data via our machine-to-machine interfaces, including:


News and information about the latest Copac development projects.


Find answers to frequently asked questions.